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Kassius has two advisers, Andrew McGovren and Chirag Shah, the company owners. With over 60 years’ experience advising, their clients range from companies to individuals, retired and those just setting out in life, wealthy and less wealthy, married, single, divorced and widowed. Both Andrew and Chirag bring this experience to all existing and new clients of the company. They have witnessed investment market booms and busts and successfully steered their clients through short term uncertainties by focusing on longer term goals.

We offer pragmatic, sensible solutions and strategies, bourne from experience, not just learned from text books? Everyone is different and therefore advice needs to be tailored and bespoke and this can only be provided once a clear understanding of a client has been gained and this comes from experience.

Do you want to engage an adviser who merely expedites your wishes, order takes, product peddles, or do you want an adviser who will challenge your opinion (where appropriate and necessary), suggest actions not considered, discussing the merits of all options and most importantly, in easily understood language.