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The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) brought in wide ranging legislative change to our profession effective January 1st 2013 with a major change being payment to advisers relating to investment and pensions by way of commission was abolished. Our industry regulator, The Financial Services Authority, (subsequently replaced from April 1st 2013 by the Financial Conduct Authority) wanted to avoid all provider contract bias

Payment by commission has been replaced by either direct fee by investor, or fee offset (paid from investment amount). Kassius adopted this new model many years ago in anticipation of the changes and realised that not every client or potential client had the same financial planning needs

Our process is very simple. For potential new clients we hold an initial exploratory meeting to discuss aims and objectives, plans already made. If we feel we can add value we will gather information then meet a second time to discuss recommendations moving forward. All this is done at our cost. At this stage a potential client will decide either to engage us or not.

For existing clients we provide a quarterly email portfolio review service where we will report on the position of their portfolio and make any appropriate changes. We hold at least one annual face to face review meeting to ensure strategies continue to match long remain in line with portfolio.