Catastrophe Planning

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In our ‘who are we?’ page we make reference to our three core services and Catastrophe planning forms part of overall financial planning.

We use the word catastrophe for impact and accuracy and intentionally will not mince our words here as practical, no nonsense guidance is the order of the day.

We regularly ask our clients to imagine what would happen financially, in the event of a death, long term illness or critical illness of the main breadwinner, never mind the emotional issues.

Can you keep a roof over your head if there is no money to pay the mortgage

How would all the utility bills be paid and by who?

This is an area we regularly find very few want to confront as it deals with issues of mortality and morbidity but we need to dig deeper as it is our duty to challenge and confront clients on these matters.

Anybody reading this should ask themselves similar questions as it doesn’t always happen to the other guy!!

Unfortunately we have experienced many clients who have suffered a catastrophe, many of whom without challenge would have suffered life changing events such as losing their home or business.

Our practical experience in catastrophe planning, borne out over many years of advice in this area is easily understood and therefore easily implementable.